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PWOFThe Professional Wrecker Operators of Florida (PWOF) is centrally located in Orlando, Florida, incorporated in 1977 and has operated since that time as an association of Towing business people seeking to constantly upgrade the conditions and profitability along with the image of the towing industry.

As representatives of some 5,000 persons in the Florida towing industry, PWOF is well connected with the grass roots of our industry.

PWOF's Executive Director and full time lobbyist work from this level through the halls of our state capitol with legislators for the betterment of the industry.

PWOF is an association managed by towing professionals that are constantly looking for new ways to provide services to our members and advance the towing industry forward.


Dan was awesome, called him to have a car towed and he arrived promptly he diagnosed the problem and told us what we needed to replace. It's good to know there are still good honest people out there. I would recommend him to anyone!!! We didn't have to have the car towed afterall.

Scott (Yahoo, reviews)

Very prompt and courtesy driver. Would recommend using this company

Donna (Yahoo, reviews)

Blue Diamond Towing were very fast when I called them, with two small boys, it is a plus when you have a fast and responsible towing company that you can trust.


We went to Orlando to tow a car for a customer that had AAA, but he was at home in New Port Richey and his car was in Orlando. He called AAA to set up a tow and was told if he was not with the car, with his card in hand, that they would not tow his car. So he called us and we gladly went to Orlando and towed his car home at a rate that he was very happy with and he told me that he was canceling his AAA membership and would call us to do his towing from now on.

Testimonial from Blue Diamond Towing employee